In the 20th February 2006  MTÜ Ida-Virumaa Naiste Tugikeskus-Varjupaik IVNTV (Eastern Virumaa Women's Shelter-Support Center) was officially in business registry.

The main objective was and still is fighting against all forms of violence towards women (Physical, sexual, psychological, economic, mental, including trafficking and prostitution) prevention and providing support for victims.

In order to implement objectives, project application was submitted to IVNTV Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu to establish functional women’s shelter in Ida- Virumaa. On March 8th  2006 support phoneline was established (53332627)- the answering staff consisted of volunteers.

In 2008, the Jõhvi commune administration leased  two-bedroom apartment for free for a period of ten years. In addition, a second apartment  has been rented.

Ida-Viru County Women's Support Center provides shelter for victims of violence against women and their children in a secure accommodation setting, a service that includes social, psychological, legal advice and debt counseling, develops and implements projects and programs to prevent violence against women.

Support Centre organizes training for its members and partners, organizes public events and shares information on its activities with the public, actively working with state and local government bodies and other organizations, in Estonia and abroad. In 2010, the staff organized a training program for new employees and their partners in Ida-Viru County and Pärnu.

Womens Support Center activities are primarily funded by the Gambling Tax Council, but the support from the local governments and the AEF, NFCS, Estonia and the Netherlands Charitable Foundation, INNOVE projects.

In 2009, help was received from the Estonian National Broadcasting  charity event "Jõulutunnel", organized for women's shelters to keep the doors open. This year the funding for support center comes from state budget. All major municipalities have signed cooperation agreements. ENV Union in collaboration with all the support center personnel have undergone training against violence towards women in a consistent manner.

Help team includes  support center personnel, social workers, debt advisor, lawyer and psychologist. We cooperate with the police, public prosecutor and national victim support workers.

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